• L-2,3 Amizara Complex, Athwalines, Surat
  • +91 - 9727221212
  • surat.cid@gmail.com
  • L-2,3 Amizara Complex, Athwalines, Surat
  • +91 - 9727221212
  • surat.cid@gmail.com

The New Way to Learn & Success

Professionally, designers are both artists and engineers, working in every sector of the economy; the designing industry offers an excellent write-up for Designers in today’s world of Education. Now, CREATOR INSTITUTE OF DESIGNER provides Design education and promotes design awareness and application towards raising the quality of life by and through the Courses we provide: FASHION DESIGN: Professional, Diploma, Degree and P.G. Diploma JEWELERY DESIGN: Professional and Diploma.

Our Objective

The main Objective of education is to create good career opportunity and high standard excellent in the design arena. Our main goal is to create professional of excellent who ensures to meet the diverse design requirements in India. To train and knowledge designers of design-related organizations and institutions and hence to make them as global leaders in design field by identifying the changes in terms of business environment and economic conditions nationwide. We ensure to bring global designers in the twenty-first century and implement modern and design technologies in unswerving locations. We ensure to offer professional education by covering the entire spectrum of activities in design areas.

Our Vision

to lead in education and technological innovation & create ready professional for the real world

Our Mission

Our Mission is to apply professional knowledge for the improvement of mankind. The institute will cultivate educational programmes that have enhanced technological excellence and social implications. The broader goals of the courses under each and every discipline are developed to cater to the needs of students so that they can able to get success in the courses in an effectual manner. Attempts are made to sustain and grab the attention of quality designers, professionals, designers, academicians, quality faculty, and researchers, thus showcasing the intellectual engagement of the institution with latest technologies and trends. We always strive hard to bring excellence in design education.

Director's Message

I firmly believe that education determines the character and skills of all the Pupils. It must be concrete. We, at CREATOR INSTITUTE OF DESIGNER, aim to provide all round development to each student, laying emphasis on Practical & Theory Based learning through innovative methods by conducting seminars & workshops designed to make learning more effective and Interesting.

We are committed to provide overall knowledge from the designing field to all our students towards perfection. I am sure that with the help of our Faculty and their teaching will mould all students in shape of perfect designers. Hope to succeed in our mission to provide the best facilities ever.

-Hasmukh Sutariya

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